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Circus is known for its many physical and mental health benefits. Now The STUDIO is bringing the magic of the circus to East Hampton, CT.  Offering all the wonderful benefits of circus in the familiarity of your favorite studio, Dance Cirque is the newest way to package the Five Fs for kids – Fun, Fitness, Friendship, Focus and Feeling Good.  As parents, we’re always searching for that holy grail of children’s activities – one that presents as fun but is actually a beneficial learning experience in disguise.  It helps if it also builds social skills, meets emotional and developmental needs and keeps our young ones fit and healthy.

What is Dance Cirque?

Dance Cirque is an exciting new circus program. There are two streams – Little Monkeys for ages 3-5 and Dance Cirque for 6+. Children can work at their own pace to progress through the levels in a non-competitive environment where FUN is the focus above all else.

Who can do it?

Anyone can! That’s the beauty of Dance Cirque.  Kids of all fitness levels and abilities will enjoy this fun and engaging circus program.  Some will excel with coordination activities like juggling while others will be naturally drawn to balance activities or strength activities like silks.  Students have an opportunity to develop their skills in each of these areas, building their confidence in a supportive, non-competitive environment with trained instructors.

Dance Cirque is great for FOCUS!

Circus is widely recognized for its ability to get the brain juices flowing with each of its disciplines improving different skills from patience and problem solving to concentration.  It’s also great for other things from spatial awareness to hand-eye co-ordination and balance.  Dance Cirque helps kids to FEEL GOOD.

Did you know that Circus has recently been credited for improving mental health among young people?

Mental wellbeing

Socialization skills,

Physical enjoyment,


Self-esteem, and

Stress reduction

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