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Class Descriptions

Tiny Tots 

Happy Mother with her Child

Ages 18 months - 2.5 with an adult partner

Join our 30-minute class where we embrace movement, music, rhythm, and enjoyment to foster your child's fine and gross motor skills development. Witness your child's self-confidence, body and spatial awareness, musicality, and much more flourish.

This class does not participate in the recital.


Ballet, Tap & Tumbling

Young Dance Students

Ages 2.5 - 4

Experience our one-hour weekly class designed to enhance fundamental skills in Ballet and Tap, complemented by Tumbling exercises that boost gross motor strength. Our students delve into the world of diverse tempos, spatial awareness, and graceful movement. Observe their growth in emotional and social aptitude, as well as improved alignment, flexibility, and essential "classroom skills" like turn-taking, following directions, active listening, sharing, and effective communication. Prepare to be amazed as our students showcase their talents in a captivating ballet and tap dance performance during our annual recital.

Ballet, Tap & Jazz

Dancers with Tap Shoes

Ages 5-7

Join our one-hour weekly class that covers the essential skills of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. In the Ballet segment, students will explore foot positions, body alignment, and the foundational elements of ballet. The Tap segment introduces students to tap fundamentals, including across-the-floor patterns and center floor choreography. In the Jazz segment, students will learn stretching, isolations, across-the-floor patterns, and center floor choreography. Throughout the class, students will develop an understanding of different tempos, spatial awareness, and the art of graceful movement. Witness their growth in self-esteem, social skills, and classroom discipline. In the recital, students will have the opportunity to perform in 2 or 3 captivating dances.


Ballet Class

Ages 8+

Our classes are specifically designed to prioritize barre work, center floor work, and progressions, all while placing a strong emphasis on impeccable technique and the mastery of ballet terminology. In addition to honing their technical skills, students will also have the opportunity to delve into the captivating history of ballet. They will study renowned classical ballets, analyzing their choreography and gaining a deeper understanding of the art form. Join us as we embark on a journey of technical excellence and artistic exploration.  Prepare to be amazed as our students showcase their talents in a captivating ballet and tap dance performance during our annual recital.


Tap Shoes

Ages 8+

Immerse yourself in our weekly class dedicated to the fundamental elements of tap dancing. Throughout the class, we will extensively cover style, rhythm, and proper technique in various aspects, including the warm-up, center floor work, across-the-floor patterns, and choreography. Students will gain an understanding of musical phrasing, timing, and the art of creating percussive sounds using their feet and bodies. Furthermore, our classes will explore the rich roots of tap, shedding light on its historical development. Prepare for an enriching experience as our tap class prepares and showcases a captivating dance performance in our annual recital.


Jazz from facebook.jpg

Ages 8+

Our Jazz classes are built upon a foundation of ballet technique, enhanced by the integration of traditional jazz movements. Each class encompasses a comprehensive warm-up and stretching session, isolations, dynamic across-the-floor progressions, and engaging choreography. Students will have the opportunity to explore a range of jazz styles, including Broadway, Street, and Contemporary, fostering their development as versatile dancers. Furthermore, our classes delve into the historical roots of jazz, providing students with an understanding of its evolution and significance. Get ready to witness the talent of our Jazz class as they perform a captivating dance in our annual recital.


Dance Performance

Ages 11+

Experience the fusion of ballet, modern, lyrical, and jazz in our dynamic weekly class. With a strong focus on ballet technique, this class seamlessly blends modern elements such as contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation. Students will also delve into partner work, including lifting and weight sharing. Each class will commence with a thorough warm-up and stretch, followed by engaging across-the-floor patterns, center floor technique, and captivating choreography. Witness the transformation as students develop expressive movements and explore both realistic and abstract ways of traversing the stage. Prepare to be captivated by their performance as our Contemporary class showcases a stunning dance in our annual recital.


Acro from facebook.jpg

Ages 5+


Acro dance requires dancers to possess expertise in both dance and acrobatics. Many of the dance movements in Acro can be found in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and modern dance styles. While not mandatory, students are encouraged to complement their Acro class with a dance class to enhance their overall dance abilities. Our Acrobatic Arts certified teacher meticulously follows proper progressions, ensuring students safely advance from one level to the next, minimizing the risk of injuries.


Prepare to be enthralled as our Acro classes deliver a breathtaking performance during our annual recital.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop Class

Ages 5 - Adult

Get ready for an electrifying experience in our high-energy weekly class! Hip hop dance takes center stage, incorporating the freshest styles from the world of commercial, street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. We encourage students to unleash their creativity and showcase their unique style and personality through the movements. With its dynamic nature, hip hop demands strength and stamina to execute the moves with precision. Each class includes conditioning exercises, warm-up routines, stretching sessions, isolations, invigorating across-the-floor progressions, and captivating choreography.

Prepare to be amazed as our hip hop class ignites the stage with their talent and passion during our annual recital. Brace yourself for an exhilarating showcase that will leave you wanting more.

Dance Cirque

Untitled design.png

Ages 6+


Enhancing Focus and Well-being for children over 6 years old. It combines dance and circus arts, promoting patience, problem-solving, concentration, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and balance. No dance experience required. Progress at your own pace with level cards. Engage in silk, juggling, and hula hooping. Work in stations for skill development and a sense of accomplishment. Join Dance Cirque for a transformative experience of joy and personal growth.

Click HERE for more information.


Modern Dance Leap

Ages 8+

Lyrical dance seamlessly blends ballet, jazz, and modern techniques, offering a captivating fusion of movement styles. In these classes, students delve into the expressive realm of interpreting music lyrics, crafting compelling stories through fluid or abstract choreography.

The curriculum encompasses a comprehensive approach, starting with warm-ups that incorporate center floor or barre technique. Students then progress through dynamic across-the-floor sequences, honing their skills and expanding their range of motion. Finally, they immerse themselves in the creative process, learning and performing choreographed routines.

Join us to embrace the artistry of lyrical dance, where technique meets storytelling, and emotions take flight through graceful movements. Discover the power of dance as a medium of expression and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.  Dancers will leave you breathless during their performance in the annual recital.

Survival Strength Class

new class.png

Michael Castro has over 30 of martial arts knowledge and personal training experience. Training men and woman of all ages. He will be conducting a Survival Strength Class. This class will consist of techniques and movements that you can use to protect yourself in various situations while building your self confidence as well as your physical and mental strength.

Suggested age is 15 - Adult


Image by kike vega

Adult yoga class is an all levels yoga class incorporating breathwork, movement, strength, and meditation. Preregistration required. Weekly classes $20 per class or $60 for the month

Suggested age is 15 - Adult

Momma yoga class is an all levels yoga class where you can bring your kids to play while mom gets a chance to get on her mat and get moving. This is an unconventional class that allows you to tap into the calm in the chaos. preregistration required $20

Venmo @Elissa-Woods-4

Click Here 

kids ages 0-100 welcome

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