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Student Assistant  Training Program

“A leader is one that knows the way, goes the way,

and shows the way”

~ John Maxwel

Tap Dancer Rehearsing

About the Program

The Student Assistant training program at THE STUDIO 201 welcomes students aged 11 and above who are passionate about dance and eager to assist instructors. It offers an opportunity for dancers to expand their involvement and gain valuable experiences within the art form.

Special Perks of Becoming a Student Assistant:

  • Spotlight Dance and Special Recognition in the Annual Recital

  • Aerial Silk and Dance Cirque Training

  •  THE STUDIO 201 T-Shirt

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • Headshots and a Special Display in and around THE STUDIO

  • First Aid Training

  • Great Start to Building a Professional Resume

  • 3 hour Training Camp

  • Leadership Training Skills

To be eligible, interested students must be enrolled in the style of dance they wish to assist in, ensuring a foundational understanding of the specific discipline. Additionally, they are required to attend a three-hour training camp at THE STUDIO.

Please email for next training dates and fees.

Please do not hesitate to email with any questions

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